The Katt3: New version

The Katt3: New version

It can not be said enough, cat trees are essential in a home where evolves at least one cat. The height provides a three-dimensional environment in which felines can hide, observe, ambush and more. The problem is often that they are sometimes unattractive to the pet parents in terms of their shape, color or fabric.

The Katt3 takes up the challenge of pleasing both humans and cats for almost 3 years now! The new version of Katt3 has just arrived and it is now manufactured mostly in Quebec. It has been modified to facilitate assembly and washing. Recalling the cardboard boxes that cats like so much, the Katt3 allows the cat to "see without being seen". Cube panels allow cats to monitor their surroundings while feeling safe.

Aesthetic and practical

This new kind of cat structure has the advantage of being more aesthetic than the traditional carpet or leopard print! The Katt3 is also completely customizable according to your moods or, should I say, that of your cat! The side panels of each of the cubes being removable and more or less perforated, it is possible to build a more intimate hiding place for the shy cat or to remove a panel for a larger opening. Once assembled, the cubes attach together to form a larger structure that adapts to the space available at home. You will understand that it is no longer necessary to invest large sums at the beginning to offer the cat tree of your dreams to your pet cat! From now on, you can buy the basic set and add extra cubes and accessories such as cushions, ramps, scratcher poles, toys, bridges, tents and more according to your budget. Your ensemble will grow with time.


Beware, fans of Lego constructions! With Katt3, the possibilities are endless! I do not count the number of hours of pleasure that I spent trying to create structures arranging accessories and panels. But beware, creativity and design should not take precedence over functionality. I speak from experience here.

BeOneBreed even offers a 3D application on its website to configure your project before building it, which saves a lot of time to see if your structure holds up! With each change of model, your cats will be more curious to explore this new space reserved for them. This is probably the first advantage of Katt3 is that you do not have a single cat tree but thousands of cat trees by the possibilities of configuration and possible evolution.

If you already have the Katt3 at home, it's worth noting that Be One Breed has made several improvements in this new version at the fasteners that facilitates the insertion of the corner tabs to fix the panels together. The new system makes assembling cubes much easier. Rest assured, the cubes of the new version can always be assembled with those of the old version.

Tips from the Educator

We like cubes to be light because they are easy to transport during a move among others. However, when we want to make it a solid structure, a prerequisite for cats to use it (which cat would climb in a shaky tree?), we must ensure that the assembly respects the Katt3 golden rules. The structure must have as many cubes on the floor in width as there are in height. You can also fix the structure to the wall using the clip provided to avoid having a staggering tower. Finally, use the non-slip rubber feet provided not only on the cubes on the floor, but also between the cubic floors using the scraps as needed to increase the adhesion of the plastics to each other and thus contribute to the stability of the structure.


The Katt3 was already a revolution in the world of cat trees but the new version and accessories appeared in the last two years make this product a must if you have a cat.

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