Care Instructions


The majority of our comfort collection contains memory foam to craddle your best friend into the arms of Morpheus! Memory foam is ideal for every lifestage but especially for pets suffering from back, hip or joint pains. We guarantee your pet will never touch the ground!

Yeah yeah... memory foam. But WHY?

• It molds perfectly your pet’s tushie
• It helps prevent joint problems
• It provides optimal pressure distribution and pain relief
• It allows your loyal friend to rest comfortably for hours
  (We bet he probably won’t even notice the mailman!)

Memory foam chunks

This option offers a softer feel and a blend of memory foam that fits all postures. The space between the pieces allows a good ventilation and a fluffy bed. Made of new and recycled materials.

Memory foam chunks

As soft as can be! 3“ of pure happiness for an exceptional orthopedic support! It is definitely a ultra-comfy resting spot!

Foam combination

Memory foam + structural foam: what a formidable duo! It offers a firm support while ensuring comfort. An economical option with the benefits of memory foam.

Good things come to those who wait as they say… Sometimes memory foam can take around 6 to 24 hours to regain its original shape. Psssst! Shaking the mattress or pillow to separate the chunks will speed things up! If necessary, apply heat to make the memory foam rise. Using a steamer will surely do the job!


Removable slipcovers

• Machine washable
• Extend the bed’s lifespan
• Refresh your home decor
• On the majority of our beds

Washing tips

• Use machines without poles
• Cold water wash
• Gentle cycle wash*
• Do not use softener or bleach
Check the care label for more details

Drying tips

• Tumble dry without heat or let air dry*
Check the care label for more details

Tips & tricks

  • Always check the product's care label before cleaning
  • If your mattress doesn't have an L zipper, fold the mattress to insert it easier into the cover to reassemble the bed after cleaning it
  • Use a washing machine without a pole to clean beds to avoid damage
  • No poleless machine? Use an industrial washing machine at a laundromat
  • Do not dry clean or bleach

Product Washer safe* Dryer safe* Removable cover Material Additional info
Cloud pillow Cover only Polyester & polyurethane
Cozy bed/ Snuggle bed Cover & center only Cover & center only Polyester & polyurethane Wash memory foam side fillings by hand
Diamond bed/ Relaxation bed Polyester & polyurethane
Powernap bed Polyester & polyurethane
Upturn mat Polyester & polyurethane
Comfort retreat / Cat cuddler / Cat metal basket Polyester & cotton Let air dry
Cat hammock Polyester Clean wooden frame with a damp cloth
Cat tipi Polyester Wash by hand
Puffy bed Polyester
Katt3 beds & pillows Polyester & polyurethane
Nature Bed Polyester & polyurethane
Chic chalet blanket - Faux fur Polyester DO NOT MACHINE DRY.
Chic chalet bed - Faux fur Cover only Polyester & polyurethane DO NOT MACHINE DRY.
Chic chalet snuggle bed - Faux fur Cover only Polyester & polyurethane Wash foam side fillings by hand. DO NOT MACHINE DRY.

* Unless instructed otherwise, always wash in cold water, at gentle cycle and do not use softener or bleach. We strongly recommend using a washing machine without a pole. Tumble dry without heat or let air dry to preserve the fabric’s quality.



Only the best for our pets

The materials are carefully chosen to provide the highest quality products to our fluffy friends. Although nothing is indestructible, our beds have proven to be resistant to our small and larger companions.

B1B fabrics

Choose between comfy fleece, resistant oxford and soft microfibre beds. Most of them are even equipped with an anti-slip bottom.

Protective covers

We offer you the opportunity to have more! Add a water-resistant cover to protect the memory foam from minor spills and dirt.

Design covers are available to add a seasonal touch to your decor!

Adapted sizes

Chihuahua to Great Dane: we don’t discriminate! Our comfort collection offers beds in many sizes to please smaller and larger pets!