Elevated ceramic bowls

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Special features
• Duo of bowls for food & water • Flip the base upside down to elevate the bowls
• Trendy bamboo tray • Anti slip bottom
• Dishwasher safe bowls • Easy to clean & disinfect

B1B quality

Dishwasher safe bowls

Anti slip bottom


Did you know that it is very important to clean your pet’s bowls often to prevent bacteria? Stainless steel, ceramic and porcelain are the best materials to keep your pet’s food and water clean and safe. The non-porous surface makes disinfecting easier and prevents disgusting smells. Most of our bowls are dish-washer safe and come with an anti-slip bottom for easy use. Say goodbye to ugly and dated designs. Our bowls and feeders are stylish and offer trendy color pallets and materials.

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