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  • IntelliKatt
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Special features
• Stimulating challenge for cats • Ensures a slower feeding time
• Change the difficulty levels & let him improve • More than 500 possibilities
• Can help prevent bloating & indigestion • Helps decrease unplesant behaviors

Helps digestion

Cat club only

B1B quality

More info

The Intellikatt was designed in collaboration with a feline behaviorist to stimulate and increase your cat's intellectual demand while rewarding him. What makes the Intellikatt stand out from other slow feeders? You can adapt the difficulty to your cat’s level. Challenge him gradually and watch him progress. You might be wondering: “Why should I stimulate my cat’s intellect? He is calm and sleeps all day.” Cats are hunters by nature and need to stay active to live a healthy and satisfying life. Intellikatt keeps them busy and provides a rewarding challenge similar to hunting for food. This bowl helps the decrease of behaviors that may be unpleasant or destructive in the house. This innovative slow feeder can also help prevent bloating and indigestions. Intellikatt has won many awards around the world for its unique design. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe (top rack).