Nature bed


$42.99 USD 

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  • memory-foam-nature-bed-for-dogs-3-english
  • Nature bed - Aztec
  • Nature bed - Aztec
Special features
• Made of 100% memory foam • Reversible - Soft & robust fabrics
• Unroll anywhere & feel the nature! • With a shoulder strap for easy transport
• Great for camping & adventures • Easy to clean, machine washable
• Care instructions



Memory foam


Our quality beds are designed to provide the best comfort and support for your dog. Made of memory foam and very soft fabrics for maximum comfort and rest. Did you know that memory foam reduces pressure on hips and joints as well as prevents back pain? A well-rested and healthy dog is more likely to have good behavior. Orthopedic beds aren’t just a good solution for elderly pets. They can be great for growing pups that need good support and loads of rest.

The original patterns will match your home decor. Our pet pillows and cushions are easy to wash and clean. They either have a removable cover or they can be directly placed in the washer for an easy use. Using a frontal or industrial washer is recommended.