Silicone collar

Black plaid

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  • water-resistant-silicone-collar-black-plaid-for-dogs-3-english
  • water-resistant-silicone-collar-black-plaid-for-dogs-4-english
Special features
• Printed nylon collar covered with silicone • Water resistant
• Hypoallergenic • Adjustable size
• Easy to clean • Trendy & original prints

Innovative materials

Water resistant

For Woofers only


Walking your dog should be as fun for you as it is for him! That’s why our designers created comfortable harnesses, collars and leashes. Our silicone collection offers a very useful water resistance factor that keeps bad smells away! Made with nylon covered with silicone. You can even adjust the leash for a hands-free walk and the traffic handle will come in useful to keep your dog close. Our harness collection is soft on fur for a comfortable walk. With many clips and loops, the harness is safe and multifunctional.

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